This section showcases recent projects I've done that are available for consumption and not bound by NDA.

Check back now and again to see what I come up with! Meanwhile, enjoy the selections below!


~ Sin Theory A

This is my cover of The Cure's "Cold". I finished the song in eleven days, and the video in one extra day.

This is the kind of music I'd personally like to see in Descent: Underground. I created this track as an illustration to both the community, and the developers.

This is isn't even a full song. It's just the patch which will be the basis for a new cinematic piece sometime Soon[tm].

Also one more not-a-song indulgence from me, before we get to the full songs... This is a recreation of the alarm from the airlock scene in 2001: A space Odyssey, done with two synths and some creative effects to get the right atmosphere. I created this for the Epic Sound Recreation forum at my DAW vendor's forums. I find this to be awesome as a mobile phone alarm ringtone, and actually use it on my own phone for my alarm, when I need to set it for meetings. I actually enabled downloads on this, so anyone can grab and use it!

This started off on FL Studio Mobile, got imported into FL Studio, re-patched, re-worked, etc.

It's been a while, so I don't even remember the origins of this track. I do remember it being the first track on which I used Massive for the bass, and I was trying out some vocal sample libraries I'd gotten for cinematic work. That's actually all I remember, this far along.

This was my first go at a cinematic trailer. I'd actually put this onto a video with text "talking points", and it worked quite well.

This is a track I did for a mobile video game, which will be released at some indeterminate time in the future. I obtained permission to make the music available for listening. I look forward to the game's release!

This is a remaster of my remake of Silent Night - just in time for Christmas! It got the full treatment, from drum replacement, to added effects, to a complete rerecording of the guitar, as well as a complete remix/remaster. Much happier with it this time around!

This is a remix/remaster of a piece I've taken a shot at three times, now. It's undergone a number of changes in the arrangement and effects, and now benefits from my improved mixing and mastering, as well. Inspired by my appreciation of David Gilmour's playing, it's probably the closest I'm ever going to get to something like the closing solo of "Sorrow" in this lifetime.

This is a remix/remaster of my take on the Doctor Who theme music. I added an original section in the middle. The rest is heavily based on the Murray Gold 2005-2006 mix from the programme, although I had no access to sheet music and did it entirely by ear.

This is my (first?) entry into a remix contest held by Image-Line. The original was "neo-cabaret", or "dark-cabaret". I entirely genre-hopped, having immersed myself for a few days in reggae-infused punk, as performed by one of my musical influences.

This was my first remaster of one of my earlier works from about two years prior. I've learned a fair amount about mixing and mastering now, including the fact that I've been doing it incorrectly for a long, long time. I'm much happier with this version of a song I always liked. The switch-out of one particular patch also gave it less monotony and a bit more zing. I could pretty much code for hours with this on repeat.

I'd just gotten Final Fantasy IV for my Android tablet, and I was listening to the now-classic scale intro music that wanders up and down on the title screen. I'm no stranger to this series of games, and I thought, "Why have I never taken a swing at fantasy RPG style music?" I decided to try it out, and this is the result. I'm well-pleased with it.