Sin Theory A is the "production" or "creative" name of Mark Luljak. I hesitate to use the term "stage name", since I never have (and probably never will) perform live. In any event, Sin Theory A is not a band, it's an individual. Sometimes I get support from friends on audio engineering or vocals, but by and large, it's just me.

An avid music fan, I've been heavily into music my entire life.

I play keyboards a bit, although never very well. I used to play drums, and then a drum pad, also not very well. I have played electric bass for years, and am a lot more proficient at it than I used to be, although I still have tonnes of room for improvement. I also play bass upside down; I play as a leftie, but keep my bass strung as a righty. This goes back to the days when I first learned how to play, on my best friend's bass. We couldn't very well keep re-stringing it all the time, and he played righty, even though he's also a lefty. Go figure! I regularly practise on my bass for fun, playing against MP3s or songs on Spotify. In fact, if you check the home page of this site, the current listening list probably represents the songs I'm currently playing, either to improve, enjoy, or relax to. I find playing the bass relaxing.

All of that said, I don't use my bass in music production. I don't use any physical instruments in production anymore. I used to, years ago. I had a Kurzweil K2500XS, which I alas no longer own.

All of my music is created using FL Studio, which is my Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software. I have pretty much every plugin that Image-Line, the developers, sell. I also have a seemingly ever-growing arsenal of third-party plugins at my disposal. It's a running joke that I work mainly to feed my plugin and gaming addictions, although that's probably not far off the truth, after the necessities are taken care of.

The whole point of the creative name I picked was a bit of wordplay, a conceit, and a love of the abstract. All my music is created using synthesizers, no matter how realistic it sounds. The closest any sound comes to being real is having been based on a sample of a real instrument. Even then, I usually have effects and synthesis layered on top of it. The original name was going to be "Syntheria". That seemed rather dry to me. I'm a fan of wordplay, so phonetically, I arrived at Sin Theory A, which I used to joke was simply the first idea about the proper way to sin. In essence, it was more of an esoteric choice, than anything else. The old site never really explained this origin, since I decided (after conferring with my wife and another close friend) that leaving it a mystery or inside joke was possibly better "marketing". I've since lost the patience for even that much pretense. This is the true origin of the name. It has no relation to anything sacreligious, "Satanic", or anything of the sort. It was wordplay, and a personal dislike of "plain" things. I prefer complex and abstract, and I thought the name fit me better this way.

Now that that's out of the way...

My musical influences are varied. My favourite band is Duran Duran. Nick Rhodes (Duran's keyboardist/synthesist) is one of my two keyboard demigods. The other is the late Richard ("Rick") Wright, of Pink Floyd fame. Those are arguably my two biggest keyboard influences, and their bands are two of my biggest musical influences. Add to the list a heavy dose of Rush, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Evanescence, Yes, Triumph, The Police, and numerous others, and I've got quite a bit of direct influence in different styles. I also get to inherit their influences, both directly and indirectly (such as Duran's love of Bowie, whom I also like). I'm ecclectic, but not quite as ecclectic as I used to think, having heard what true ecclecticism is, listening to the musical palette of one of my late friends, as well as his son (also a close friend in his own right, and an extremely helpful voice on the engineering side of my music, as well as sometimes on creative direction).

My other hobbies include computer programming (also part of my day job), reading (mostly science-fiction), and video gaming (on both PC and consoles).

My day job is a combination of information technologies tasks, including systems administrator, programmer, security analyst, troubleshooter, interface designer, and general consultant, to name most of what I do to pay for my software addictions and keep a roof over our heads.

I'm allergic to exercise and fresh air. Direct sunlight causes me to spontaneously burst into flame. I believe life is meant to be lived in the wee hours of the night, by the glow of a computer monitor.

I'm also a relatively private person, so that's all you get, folks!


~ Sin Theory A