06/13/2015 - I just moved the store to BandCamp. The current Featured Track below is available for sale there now!

06/07/2015 - Just released a new track as a concept piece for the game Descent: Underground. Hopefully the developers take it into consideration when doing the score for the game.

Still working on other tracks. Just suffering from a lack of time and energy. It was a miracle I pulled out this last track around work. Pulled a full week at my day job, then killed part of a Friday and most of my Saturday finishin up the last third of it, and mixing/mastering. I dig it, though. Check the Music page or the Featured Track section below for "Welcome to the Underground"!


~ Sin Theory A


This is the kind of music I'd personally like to see in Descent: Underground. I created this track as an illustration to both the community, and the developers.

While I don't have time to take on a full soundtrack due to my normal workload for my day job, even if asked, I couldn't help but create a track with my vision of what I'd like to see, and try to influence the development in my own way. The studio is really receptive to community input.

Already have gotten two very positive comments from people in the community, one of them an ultra-hardcore player from Descent 1 and 2, back in the day (through current). That made me feel really great!


Here's my current playlist on Spotify. I tend not to change which lists I'm going back to as often as you might think. Largely, this is because I play my electric bass to relax, and I stick to (currently) one or two playlists dedicated to that task. I've actually been playing this on electric bass (still struggling to get the Rush songs perfect..or at least close to perfect), but it's also just the right length for most rounds of Dota2, when I play that game.


Currently, I'm the most active on Facebook. I tend not to use Twitter very much, as...well, I tend not to use Twitter very much. :) I use Google+ sometimes. I have the accounts, I just don't feel like updating a zillion media outlets at once. That may change in due time, but for now, that's how it is. I try and keep everything current when there's new activity, but the absolute best bet to catch all activity is definitely Facebook right now, I've linked in my feed below.