10/11/2013 - Just got an M-Audio Oxygen 25 MK3 MIDI controller, which I'm anticipating will make my music production even better, once I'm used to it. Trial runs show it to be a thing of beauty when added to my studio. No more programming things like tonewheel organ rotary speaker speed automation! Now I can just link the modwheel to the plugin and play the events live while recording. Should result in even more of a natural sound, and more dynamic changes, as I'll be less hesitant to add points to automation clips, but will just be able to play it dynamically and naturally - amongst other things that will get easier, like filter adjustments in synths, etc. The controller is really a great value, and is extremely portable and easy to store! It's built quite well, too! Great deal for the cost!

09/30/2013 - I've just released another remaster. They're coming along slowly, but the end results are pleasing to me. This one is "Solitary Orbit", and can be found both on the music page, and available for sale in the store. Enjoy!


~ Sin Theory A


This is a remaster of my remake of Silent Night - just in time for Christmas! It got the full treatment, from drum replacement, to added effects, to a complete rerecording of the guitar, as well as a complete remix/remaster. Much happier with it this time around!

It's actually pretty wild. My original was mastered horribly. This one feels like an entirely different creature to me, thankfully. I liked my arrangement, but the mixing and mastering were horrible. I also switched guitars, so I had to rehearse what I had, prior to rerecording, since I hadn't touched it in a year! Still, hopefully people think it works well!

Merry Christmas!


Here's my current playlist on Spotify. I tend not to change which lists I'm going back to as often as you might think. Largely, this is because I play my electric bass to relax, and I stick to (currently) one or two playlists dedicated to that task. I may update the lists, or switch them out, but this will be more reflective of the cycle listening cycle I'm in, rather than a, "What is he listening to right now?" type of display.


Currently, I'm the most active on Facebook. I tend not to use Twitter very much, as...well, I tend not to use Twitter very much. :) I use Google+ sometimes. I have the accounts, I just don't feel like updating a zillion media outlets at once. That may change in due time, but for now, that's how it is. I try and keep everything current when there's new activity, but the absolute best bet to catch all activity is definitely Facebook right now, I've linked in my feed below.