02/27/2015 - For anyone who actually follows the page, sorry it's been since 2013 without an update. With work, I have so little desire to work on websites, it's not even funny. Having the tools is one thing. Having the energy and will to use them after a week of solid work, well that's entirely another. I'll try to update more often

First off, there's new music on the Music page, for anyone who wants to listen. I harvested much (but not all) of what I've been working on since the last update to the site. Some things are still works in progress, and some are mixes which were superceded by remixes I prefer, so I didn't put everything there. It's all on my SoundCloud page, though. Consider the page on this site my curated list.

Been working on music on and off over the last year and a half. A lot more "off" than I'd have liked, but work pays the bills and feeds my VST habit. Currently, I'm working on two original tracks which are meant to actually have me singing, as well as a cinematic piece based loosely around the atmosphere of the original Alien film. I'd been working with the Iris 2 synth, came up with a patch which sounded a lot like the wind and computers in the first film, and decided I wanted to base a whole track around it. I have something like 19 pathes and plugins lined up so far, and possibly will add more. The idea's in my head, just need time to realise it - alongside everything else I'm doing, while staying whatever passes for sane. Hopefully soon. Still want to do a dubstep mix of "Comfortably Numb", as well as possibly cover "Disintegration" (the song, not the whole album...I'm not insane!).

Nah, not ambitious at all! My ears are bigger than my free time, admittedly!


~ Sin Theory A


This is the first shot I took at doing a cinematic/trailer track. The rise and hit bits (actually done with Native Instruments' Rise and Hit plugin for Kontakt) are meant for text appearing on a video trailer. Got a neat module called Kinetic Metal going in there, as well, as the background chain sound. That thing is just wicked cool to work with!

I had gotten hooked on some cinematic work in specific. Notably, the video game Lifeless Planet had an absolutely amazing soundtrack. I decided I wanted to take a shot at more orchestral/cinematic work. I broke down and saved up for Komplete Ultimate, largely because it made more sense than getting just Kontakt, given relative pricing. Then I got hooked on samples and other orchestral plugins. This was my first serious creative attempt at a cohesive piece of music, utilising several of my new toys. I'm going to be doing another cinematic piece Real Soon Now[tm].


Here's my current playlist on Spotify. I tend not to change which lists I'm going back to as often as you might think. Largely, this is because I play my electric bass to relax, and I stick to (currently) one or two playlists dedicated to that task. I've actually been playing this on electric bass (still struggling to get the Rush songs perfect..or at least close to perfect), but it's also just the right length for most rounds of Dota2, when I play that game.


Currently, I'm the most active on Facebook. I tend not to use Twitter very much, as...well, I tend not to use Twitter very much. :) I use Google+ sometimes. I have the accounts, I just don't feel like updating a zillion media outlets at once. That may change in due time, but for now, that's how it is. I try and keep everything current when there's new activity, but the absolute best bet to catch all activity is definitely Facebook right now, I've linked in my feed below.