08/23/18 - After some time not getting anything proper done (I've worked on at least six unfinished original songs, at least two of which I see finishing in the future), I've at least completed a cover. See the Featured Track section below for my cover of The Cure's "Cold"! Or, you can watch the video just below this paragraph! I have to say, I'm absolutely loving Magic in terms of what I can do, even being light on the math side of things. It's like legos for visualisation! The theme was always going to be a wintery cold, but I lucked into the way the ice works on a retouch, and had to go with it. You'll see what I mean! This version of the video requires a 15mbit connection or better. If you know you don't have that much bandwidth, or if you encounter problems with playback, you can watch the video in an inferior quality here on YouTube

06/13/2015 - I just moved the store to BandCamp. The current Featured Track below is available for sale there now!

06/07/2015 - Just released a new track as a concept piece for the game Descent: Underground. Hopefully the developers take it into consideration when doing the score for the game.

Still working on other tracks. Just suffering from a lack of time and energy. It was a miracle I pulled out this last track around work. Pulled a full week at my day job, then killed part of a Friday and most of my Saturday finishin up the last third of it, and mixing/mastering. I dig it, though. Check the Music page or the Featured Track section below for "Welcome to the Underground"!


~ Sin Theory A


I've just completed a cover of The Cure's "Cold" after 'only' eleven days! I was mucking about on bass and figured out the bass and guitar for three songs, and decided I might like to cover them. That was on a Monday. By 12:30am on Friday, I had started working on the song while livestreaming. Eleven days later, I was done with the track. A day later, I was done with the video.

I hope you enjoy this one!


Here's my current livestreaming playlist on Spotify. I can either play bass, drums, or sing almost all of these tracks to one degree or another.


Currently, I'm the most active on Facebook. I tend not to use Twitter very much, as...well, I tend not to use Twitter very much. :) I use Google+ sometimes. I have the accounts, I just don't feel like updating a zillion media outlets at once. That may change in due time, but for now, that's how it is. I try and keep everything current when there's new activity, but the absolute best bet to catch all activity is definitely Facebook right now, I've linked in my feed below.